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Microbial Characterization

Petri Dishes
Bacteria, Yeast, and Fungi Identification/Microbial Characterization

Sanichem now offers microbial characterization services to our customers. We can identify bacteria, yeast and fungi using miniaturized biochemical test kits and microscopy. This is a more economical approach compared to genotypic methods such as PCR and sequencing. Therefore, we can offer a more competitive price.


Samples that require microbial characterization may include:

  • Bioburden samples

  • Environmental monitoring isolates


ISO 11737-1:2018 necessitates the need for microbial characterization of bioburden samples to detect changes in the product bioburden which in turn may affect the sterilization process.

Understanding the microflora of your samples or environment will provide information on the sources of contamination and how to eliminate them.

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