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Sanichem Resources provides chemical and microbiological testing services specifically for the medical devices industry. Established in 2007, Sanichem is accredited with Standard Malaysia Accreditation Scheme for Laboratory under the ISO/IEC 17025 certification

Sanichem is the only commercial laboratory in Malaysia providing ethylene oxide residues analysis on sterilized medical devices with accredited scope of testing. We provide sterility testing on medical devices as well as bioburden tests for medical products. Our customers are mainly from Malaysia but we do tests for  several medical manufacturers from neighbouring countries to as far as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Sanichem also offers water quality testings based on various water quality standards such as industrial effluent, drinking water quality, raw and waste water quality as well as water for steam sterilization quality requirement.

Dr. Sani is the Managing Director of SaniChem Resources and laboratory director of Sanichem Laboratory. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and was former Professor of Chemistry at the School of Chemical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia(USM) for 27 years. He is an expert in environmental chemistry particularly in the area of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) monitoring and analysis including pesticides and PCBs. He has been involved in the analytical testing services as consultant and service provider since 1993. He is an expert in mass spectrometry and other spectroscopic and chromatographic methods of chemical analyses. He has been providing consultation and services to the industries. He developed the methods of ethylene oxide residues analyses on medical devices and introduce the rate of dissipation/decay analysis to help the medical device manufacturers to safely release their products for export.


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