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Medical Device Sterilization

Anchor Training program

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our high-quality processes, consistently exceeding industry safety standards. To further enhance your experience, our team of Industry Expert Advisors is readily available to support you throughout solution development, validation, and testing, offering valuable insights.

We pride ourselves on offering expedited product processing services for your convenience. When it comes to sterilization modality requirements, we serve as your sole partner, representing esteemed companies such as Sina-Sterilgamma, VIP Mediq, Grand Ten, and GT2 Healthcare. These trusted partners offer a comprehensive range of sterilization options for medical devices.

Sterilization Method
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Designed to accommodate various material compatibilities, EO is a versatile choice for most materials, excluding moisture- and temperature-sensitive ones. For products particularly sensitive to radiation, EO presents an effective sterilization modality.

Gamma Sterilization

Gamma radiation is another reliable option, offering compatibility with a wide range of polymers, with some limitations due to potential oxidation effects.

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