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Medical Device Testing

SaniChem Laboratories offer tests to validate your manufacturing and sterilization process of your medical device.

The following are the guidelines we adhere to:
ISO 11135, ISO 11137, ISO 13485, ISO 11737, ISO 10993,
<USP 85>, <USP 161>, <USP 61>, <USP 62>, <USP 71> and
<USP 42>. 

Medical Device Testing Training Program

Training for medical professionals
SaniChem Resources Medical Device Training Program provides a thorough and structured curriculum to equip professionals in the medical device industry with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure product safety and quality.

This program encompasses key standards, including:
ISO 17025, ISO 13485, ISO 10993-7, ISO 11737-1,
ISO 11737-2, <USP 161>, <USP 85>, ISO 11135,
ISO 11137

Medical Device Sterilization

Surgical Equipment Leasing Service
Ensure the integrity of your medical devices with our expert testing services. Partnering with external labs, we specialize in thorough sterilization processes for manufacturers. Trust us to uphold the highest standards, ensuring the safety and quality of your products in accordance with industry benchmarks. Your success is our commitment.
Lab Experiments
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