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National Standard For Drinking Water Quality Malaysia

Updated: May 27, 2022

National Standard For Drinking Water

The Engineering Services Department of the Ministry of Health of Malaysia has set up drinking water quality guidelines.

The purpose for this guideline is to ensure that Water for drinking, culinary and other domestic use should be safe, palatable and aesthetically appealing. The aim of the guideline is thus, to set limits to the constituents that may be present in water, which may be hazardous to health or objectionable to the physical senses of the consumer.

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Drinking Water Quality Guideline
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Drinking Water Quality Standard

Drinking water must be clear, and does not have objectionable taste, colour and odour. It must be pleasant to drink and free from all harmful organisms, chemical substances and radionuclides in amounts, which could constitute a hazard to the health of the consumer.

The parameters listed in the table do not carry equal weight of significance. More attention is to be given to parameters relating to the bacteriological quality and chemical toxicity of the water. The other important parameter is residual chlorine

Raw Water Quality Criteria

The National Standard for Raw Water lists the recommended criteria for microbiological, physical, chemical and radioactive constituents of raw water which will be suitable as a potable source after undergoing conventional treatment.

If a raw water source has a quality that conforms to the recommended standards set in the drinking water quality standards as listed in the Table above, then it can be supplied with minimal treatment, which in most cases involves disinfection only.

If a raw water source has quality that does not conform to the recommended raw water quality criteria, then appropriate action shall be taken to identify and overcome the problem to allow for continued operation of conventional treatment. Special treatment should only be considered as a last resort.

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